Comics & Graphic Narratives from the Arab World

​​​Series ​​Description

The comics and graphic narratives series will focus on visual narratives from the Arab world; whether in the form of academic texts/research on the medium or actual graphic narratives/novels and comics books that target adult audiences and issues.

​​This series can include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Monographs and edited volumes regarding scholarly criticism and research on Arab comics
  • Original graphic novels from the region; fiction and non-fiction (submitted as proposals)
  • Graphic adaptations of Arab literary works
  • An annual anthology of “best of graphic narratives from the region". Comics artists produce graphic narratives of 15 to 25 pages that are featured in comics magazines and or other platforms, but lack any wider exposure. A carefully selected number of works from talented top regional comics artists, can be annually compiled in a book that showcases their work, acting as a documentation of the year's Arab comics production.

Series Editor       

To submit your manuscripts, please refer to the Submissions page​.​​