Drawn by Light


 Author: Afaf Zurayk

 Language: English
 Subject: Art and Architecture
 Publication Date: 2019
 Number of Pages: 45
 Book Dimensions: 20*20 cm
 Cover Type: Paperback
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 ISBN: 9789953586427
 Includes: Paintings

 Price: $22

This collection of twenty texts and paintings, set in a sequence that reflects the intuitive transformation of the growth and evolution of self, documents the artist's inner journey, lived alternately in Beirut and Washington DC. Spanning more than forty years, these works provide a brief and ethereal glimpse of the artist's life, alluding to formative moments and tracing the trajectory of her art. Through the lenses of experience, memory, sensation, and emotion, Zurayk invites readers to consider the contrasting realities she has encountered.​