​​​​al-Damj al-Masrifi fi Lubnaan - [Bank Mergers in Lebanon]

Institute of Money and Banking, AUB
This is the proceedings of two seminars organized by the Institute of Money and Banking at the American University of Beirut in 1988. The first paper deals with the theoretical rationale for merging, criteria governing mergers, and coercive and voluntary mergers and procedures. The second, "Measures and Instruments of Bank Mergers in Lebanon", draws on the findings and recommendations of the first in its discussion. Summaries of the discussion at both these seminars follow the papers.

Arabic, 1990, 87 pages, soft cover, $1.

The Balance of Payments of Lebanon, 1951 and 1952

Edward Fei and Paul Klat

A country's balance of payments represents a record of its international economic and financial transactions during a given period. This study follows the IMF's Abbreviated Balance of Payments schedule, adapted to Lebanon's particular conditions and requirements.

English, 1954, 92 pages, soft cover, $1.

The Economics of the American University of Beirut: A Study of a Private University in the Developing World

Nadim G. Khalaf

By the mid-1970s, private universities everywhere were coming under increasing financial pressure. This study is an attempt to identify and explain the factors that contributed to this situation and suggest general guidelines for constructive change. The underlying premise of the book is a conviction that the vitality of any university and its ability to fulfill its purpose depend on its powers of persuading its constituency that it is worthy of their increased and indispensable support. The general guidelines and conclusions still have relevance not only to AUB, but also to other similar institutions.

English, 1977, 99 pages, tables, bibliography, hardcover, $8.

Inventory Management in Lebanon: How Much Resistance To Scientific Modelling?

Emile Ghattas
The author tests the applicability of technical inventory systems to Lebanese business and reconciles operations theory with business reality. From actual performance, set as the background for this study, the author moves to theory adapted to the Lebanese case. Inventory theory is thus presented to the business executive as a workable model that can be translated into practical systems with great economies.

English, 1977, 138 pages, hardcover, $5.

Middle East Economic Papers

Economic Research Institute

The Economic Research Institute of the American University of Beirut produced annual journals in the 1950s and 1960s. The articles are mainly on the economic development of the area, but include those on related social and agricultural issues. They will be of particular interest to the economic historian.

English, 1954-64, 1967-69, approx 125 pages each, paper, $5 each.

Preliminary Assessment of Manpower Resources and Requirements in Lebanon

Simon G. Siksek, Bashir J. Daouk, and Sami E. Baaklini

A report of the findings from a series of meetings organized by the Economic Research Institute of the American University of Beirut in 1959.  Participants included government officials and representatives of educational and professional institutions from Lebanon.

English (Preface, Table of Contents, and Part 1 additionally in Arabic), 1960, 100 pages, soft cover, $3.