​​Analysis of Axisymmetric Shells by Mixed Variational Principles

Z. M. Elias

Various variational formulations of thin shell theory that could serve as basis for infinite element methods.

English, 1971, 47 pages, 7 figures, 19 graphs, $2.

Beirut of Tomorrow, Planning for Reconstruction

Edited by Friedrich Ragette

Proceedings of a symposium organized by the American University of Beirut and the Goethe Institute in January 1983. The symposium took place at a time when Beirut town center was being cleared with the intention of rebuilding and reconstruction. The ten papers included in the book speak of the damage done to Beirut during the first part of the civil war and recommend the most adequate approach towards reconstruction. The papers include lessons from reconstruction in Europe after the Second World War, and an overview of Beirut's past history.

English, 1983, 141 pages, 13 illus., 4 maps, 21 photos, $5.

Cylindrical Shell Roof Design​

Z. M. Elias

As a teaching tool a computer can be used to help understand the behavior of cylindrical shell roofs by varying the parameters on which the behavior of the shell depends.

English, 1971, 40 pages, paper, $2.

Design and Implementation of a Flight Simulation System

Hassan B. Diab
To be effective, any flight simulation system must include all aspects of flying, including the flight deck, the hydraulic system, the visual and sound systems, and the instructor's console.

This book shows how to design a multicomputer system that will provide real-time simulation to promote a realistic environment for the user. He addresses all computer hardware design aspects and software issues as well as algorithms needed for the subsystem.

English, 1992, 152 pages, 3 photos, figures, formulas, bibliography, paper, $4.