Health and Medicine

​​Beirut: A Health Profile, 1984-1994

Edited by Mary Deeb

These are the findings of a ten-year follow-up study to the 1984 population-based health survey conducted by the Faculty of Health Sciences at the American University of Beirut. This book provides a rich array of statistics and information as well as comparative data on the population of Beirut at two different points in time. Changes in demographic and health status, use of health services, and the prevalence of chronic and acute diseases are assessed. In addition to providing data unique to a city that had recently experienced fifteen years of civil war, the book describes methodological approaches useful to students of survey methodology. In a country that has lacked reliable health information systems for much of its existence, these surveys present a valuable alternative for the development of future health care services. Lists of figures and tables, chapter abstracts, and questionnaires are presented in both English and Arabic.

English, with Arabic, 1997, 430 pages, hardcover, $15.

Beirut 1984, A Population and Health Profile

Edited by Huda C. Zurayk and Haroutune K. Armenian

The book incorporates the descriptive findings of a survey conducted by the Faculty of Health Sciences at the American University of Beirut as part of its efforts to establish a population laboratory in the city of Beirut.  The civil war in Lebanon led to the disintegration of the crude health information system available prior to the war; thus this survey generated a unique data set about a city and its population at a midpoint in a long civil war.  By recording the methodological and organizational issues faced during the war, the book serves as a reference source for courses and other training activities in health research.  Its findings will interest public health workers, ministries of health, and the staffs of a variety of international agencies.

English, with Arabic appendix, 1985, 287 pages, hardcover, $15.

Education for Health Manpower in the Middle East

Edited by Raif E. Nassif and Jacob D. Thaddeus

Part of the centennial activities of the American Unviersity of Beirut was a symposium held by the Medical Faculty to thoroughly examine the state of medical education in the Middle East, and to survey efforts for training qualified manpower. This book presents the papers delivered at the symposium and a summary of the small group discussions.

English, 1967, 116 pages, paper, $5.

Hitti's English-Arabic Medical Dictionary

Yusuf K. Hitti

Published as part of the centennial celebrations of the American University of Beirut, this massive and invaluable work gives Arabic terms for a comprehensive list of medical terms in English. The greater part of the book is devoted to this, but there is also a listing of Arabic medical terms with their English equivalent and a supplement giving leading ancient Arab physicians with notes on their contribution to medicine.

English and Arabic, 1967, 870 pages, cloth, $7.

Human Resources for Primary Health Care in the Middle East​

Various authors

At a time of growing health needs in the Middle East, the topics discussed during the conference of which this book contains the proceedings, focused mainly on the need for new leadership, commitments and direction in solving old and continuing health care delivery problems. All the participants were actively involved in serving their communities and thus well qualified to assess the needs of the area and make the necessary recommendations for improved services. Subjects include surveys of educational concepts as well as models for community health and child care.

English, 1980, 240 pages, cloth, $8.

Hydatid Disease

Yervant Jidejian
Hydatid disease is endemic in the Middle East. In the course of fifty years of general surgical practice, mainly at the American University of Beirut hospital, the author encountered and operated on a large number of cases. Intended for students and members of the medical profession, Dr Jidejian presents his experience and research on the effective diagnosis, treatment and eradication of a disease that has infested man for many centuries.

English, 1979, 202 pages, index, cloth, $8.

Nursing Education in the Middle East: Community Health Needs and Curriculum Development​

Edited by Myrna Mathia and Lorena S. Yammikne

The proceedings of a conference organized by the Division of Nursing at the American University of Beirut. The conference reviewed existing health problems of people in the Middle East. Throughout, the emphasis is laid on relating local conditions and health needs to education of nurses, and on the contribution trained nurses can make.

English, 1983, 244 pages, cloth, $8.