History of Science

​​Al-Kashi on Root Extraction

Abdul-Kader Dakhel

This monograph is a detailed examination of Chapter 5 of the Third Treatise of Jamshid Ghiyath al-Din al-Kashi (al-Kashani, d. 1429) from his book, The Key to Arithmetic (Mifta? al-?isab), also known as The Computers? Key (Mifta? al-?ussab).  A facsimile of the original manuscript is reproduced in chapter three of the text, along with an opposite-page translation and commentary.  A sexagesimal multiplication table ? useful to those engaged in computations from Babylonian, Greek, Arabic, and Byzantine scientific writings -- is included in a back pocket of the book.

English (Preface, Table of Contents, and Part 1 additionally in Arabic), 1960, 42 pages, soft cover, $1.

The Books of Autolykos. ?On a Moving Sphere? and ?On Risings and Settings?

Translated and edited by Frans Bruin and Alexander Vondjidis
The Greek mathematician Autolykos wrote these treatises around 320 BC. They form the oldest material on Greek mathematical astronomy that has survived in a well preserved form. The books contains the complete Greek text and its translation into English, the latter published here for the first time, while the Greek text is based on the critical edition of Joseph Mogenet. The Books of Autolykosdeal with the simple geometry of points and large circles on a sphere, applying the axiomatic method systematically for the first time. These treatises give a clear insight into the status of Greek mathematical astronomy just before the initiation of the famous School of Alexandria.

English and Greek, 1971, 92 and 70 pages, cloth, $6.

The Determination of Coordinates of Positions for the Correction of Distances Between Cities by al-Biruni (Kitab Tahdid Nihayat al-Amakin Litaslih Masafat al-Masakin)

Translated by Jamil Ali

The present translation from the Arabic of the Tahdid is based on Dr. P. Boljakoff's edition published in 1962. The text deals with geographical-mathematical subjects, the determination of latitude, the obliquity of the eclipitic, the measurement of time, lunar eclipses, logitudinal differences, and methods for the determination of the Qibla, the direction of prayer for Muslims.

English, 1967, 296 pages, 1967, $9.

Studies in the Islamic Exact Sciences​

Edward S. Kennedy

An important compilation of articles by E.S. Kennedy, many of them joint publications with his students at AUB, on a wide range of topics within the field of Islamic astronomy, astrology and mathematics.

English, 1983, 771 pages, hardcover, $40.