Near Eastern Numismatics, Iconography, Epigraphy and History: Studies in Honor of George C. Miles



 Editors: Dickran K. Kouymjian (ed.) with assistance from Jere L. Bacharach

 Language: English
 Subject: Numismatics
 Publication Date: 1974
 Number of Pages: 478
 Book Dimensions: 21*29.9 cm
 Cover Type: Hard Cover
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  Includes: Figures and Tables and Pictures​

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George Miles was the curator of Islamic coins for the American Numismatic Society (ANS) and later their chief curator and executive director. The essays in this volume, chosen to mark his retirement, concentrate on the subjects that occupied his scholarly research: numismatics, epigraphy, iconography, and the history of the Islamic, pre-Islamic, and Byzantine worlds. ​