​​Food Composition: Tables for Use in the Middle East

P. L. Pellett and Sossy Shadarevian

An invaluable addition to the field of nutrition and food science and a very informative handbook for both specialists and laymen and all those interested in Middle Eastern foods and their nutritive value. After the food composition tables, the authors present 104 recipes of Middle Eastern dishes and their composition. Nine appendices complete the work.

English, 1970, 116 pages, paper, $8.

The Healthy Kitchen; Recipes from Rural Lebanon

المطبخ الصحّي وصفات من ريف لبنان

Compiled by Malek Batal

In addition to their nutritional importance, traditional food recipes based on ancestral knowledge are a cultural treasure, and deserve preservation. Such are the recipes contained in this book, which was generated in the course of a project entitled, Wild Edible Plants: Promoting Dietary Diversity in Poor Communities of Lebanon, conducted by AUB's Department of Nutrition and Food Science; the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU) of AUB's Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences; and IBSAR (the Initiative for Diodiversity Studies in Arid Regions), AUB's interfaculty nature conservation center for sustainable futures. The project was funded by the International Development Research Center (IDRC).

English & Arabic, 2008, 120 pages, soft cover, $25.
ISBN 9953-9019-5-3