​​Modern Socialism

Edited by Massimo Salvadori

This book traces the development of the socialist ideal from Plato and Moore's Utopia, to socialist thinkers of the nineteenth century such as Robert Owen, Saint Simon, Marx and Engels. In each section, the original words of each thinker are allowed to speak for themselves, with a historical and biographical introduction. The last two parts are on democratic socialism of the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries, and "recent variations", which include Castroism, Baathism and African socialism.

English, 1975 (2nd printing, by arrangement with Harper and Row), 399 pages, index, bibliography, paper, $1.

The Political Doctrine of al-Baqillani

Yusuf Ibish
The political theory of al-Baqillani (d. 403 AH/1013 AD), is the most detailed and comprehensive on record of the attempts made by Muslim jurists to justify the consensus of opinion (ijma') of the community. It also appears to be the earliest and most precise formulation of the Sunni theory of the imamate, and the essay therefore examines what constituted political legitimacy to Sunni Muslims of the fourth century Hijira.

English, 1966, 216 pages, bibliography, index, cloth, $8.