​​CARS2: Childhood Autism Rating Scale

The standardized Arabic edition
قائمة التشخيص لاضطراب التوحّد لدى الأطفال
مقتبس عن: د. اريك شوبلر، د. ماري ا. فان بورغونديان، د. ج. جانيت ولّمان، د. ستيفن ر. لوف

Persons with autism spectrum disorders suffer from a lifetime condition that requires close follow-up and an individualized treatment plan.  Early and specific educational and behavioral interventions are key factors in ensuring better outcomes and social integration for persons with neurodevelopmental disorders. 

To design an efficient treatment plan, a thorough assessment is needed. The Levant and MENA region need an established assessment for autism spectrum disorders amongst their populations. To better serve the children in our countries, we have chosen one of the most worldwide acknowledged instruments, the Childhood Autism Rating Scale 2 (CARS2), and have translated and validated it. 

Needless to say, if this critical tool is not made public, the research work that we have done will go to waste and the children the region who suffer from autism may be deprived access to an optimum quality of care and services.

The CARS 2 encompasses a manual and three forms: The Standard Version Rating Booklet is for use with children less than 6 years of age and with those with below average intellectual functioning; the High-Functioning Version Rating Booklet is for use with persons who are verbally fluent, over 6 years of age, and with average intellectual functioning. 

Both rating scales include 15 items covering all areas of the autism spectrum disorder. The Questionnaire for parents and caregivers is an unscored scale gathering information from caregivers to be compared with clinical observations of the person.

Assessing the Autism Spectrum
Primary Function Identify children anywhere on the autism spectrum and determine symptom severity through direct observation. 
Ages Over 2 years.
Administration Time 5 to 10 minutes (after the information needed to make the ratings has been collected).
Format  Two 15-item rating scales completed by the clinician (a Standard Form and the new High-Functioning Form based on current research on Asperger’s Syndrome), and an un-scored Parent/Caregiver Questionnaire.
Scores Quantitative cutoff scores based on behavior ratings (frequency, intensity, peculiarity, and duration of various behaviors)

Application to Purchase and Use Assessment Material
A form must be completed by individuals who wish to purchase the Arabic edition of the CARS2 Childhood Autism Rating Scale manual and related materials, and specifically by the person who will assume overall professional responsibility for the interpretation and use of such tests. Kindly note that only certified professionals will be approved, in coordination with the Lebanese Psychological Association, to purchase the material.

A seminar targeting effective usage of the rating scale will be held in coordination with the editors. For inquiry on how to obtain the purchase form, please contact AUB Press directly at the following:

  • Arabic, 2016, manual, 60 pages, softcover
  • ISBN 978-9953-586-21-2
  • 3 testing booklets, 8 pages each

​Pricing Options

  • CARS2 Arabic KIT – 100 USD
    • 1 CARS2 manual + 75 Testing Booklets (25 of each)
  • Booklet Set – 30 USD
    • 25 testing booklets of choice
  • Manual – 40 USD
    • 1 CARS2 manual
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