Public Administration

​​Civil Service Reforms in Lebanon

Iskandar Bashir
The main concern of this book is the civil service reforms effected by the Lebanese government, and in particular the emergence in 1959 of the Lebanese Civil Service Board. The author blends structural and behavioral techniques both in his research and his presentation of the findings. The book can be considered a specialized study in the field of Public Administration, particularly that of personnel administration.

English, 1977, 182 pp, cloth, bibliography, $9.

Development Administration in the Middle East. A Syllabus

Edited by Delwin A. Roy

This syllabus represents the concepts and objectives of the graduate program in Development Administration which ran at the American University of Beirut between 1967 and 1973. A number of academicians here define what development administration ought to include, given the problems of modernization, growth and change in the area.

English, 1975, 351 pages, cloth, $6.