The University & the Man of Tomorrow (hc)


Authors: Various Authors 

 Language: English 
 Subject: Education
 Publication Date: 1967
 Number of Pages: 125
 Book Dimensions: 16*23.2 cm
 Cover Type: Hard Cover

  Price: $6

This is a collection of seven papers from a 1967 lecture series of the same title, organized in celebration of AUB's 100th anniversary. The lectures examines the subject of “the university" from different viewpoints, drawing upon the experiences of the past to provide guidelines for the future. The authors – AUB professor of education and former president of the University of Baghdad, Matta Akrawi; former Harvard University president, James Bryant Conant; vice-chancellor of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, K. Onwuka Dike; director general of UNESCO, Rene Maheu; director of the National Institute for Medical Research in London, Sir Peter B. Medawar; president of Harvard University, Nathan Pusey; and Columbia University professor of physics, Chien-Shiung Wu – discuss the university with regard to its international responsibilities, the role it plays in developing nations, its philosophy of education, and the significance of its research. ​