From the Vineyards of Lebanon: Poems by Khalil Hawi & Nadeem Naimy


Translator: Fuad Said Haddad

​ Language: English and Arabic
 Subject: Arabic Language & Literature
 Publication Date: 1991
 Number of Pages: 163
 Book Dimensions: 14.3*21.5  cm
 Cover Type: Paperback
 Price: $6

Khalil Hawi is accepted by critics as one of the leading poets of the Arab world, and this admirable translation by Fuad Said Haddad opens a door to his writing for those who do not read Arabic. The book also aims to provide readers of English with a demonstration of new trends in Lebanese poetry, hence the two poems by Nadeem Naimy, here translated for the first time. The English translations of the poems are printed alongside the Arabic originals. ​