Quest for Understanding: Arabic and Islamic Studies in Memory of Malcolm H. Kerr


 Editors: S. Seikaly, R. Baalbaki, and P. Dodd

 Language: English
 Subject: Middle East Studies
 Publication Date: 1991
 Number of Pages: 326
 Book Dimensions: 15.6*23.6 cm
 Cover Type: Hard Cover
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 Including: Index, Figures and Photographs

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Malcolm Kerr was the ninth AUB president, serving only eighteen months before being assassinated in January 1984. This volume is a collection of essays in the memory of Dr. Kerr whose own scholarship centered on the politics and history of the Middle East and Islam. The studies are divided into three parts: Lebanon, past and present; the politics of the modern Middle East; and Islamic legacy. Under these sections a wide range of topics are covered, from the origin of the name Lebanon, to the Camp David negotiations, and the archaeology of early Islam.