Children's Biodiversity Activity


On November 2, 2018, IC students visited AUB for a special series of activities to learn about Biodiversity in the AUB Botanic Garden.

Three classes  of around 81 students joined in this activity, which was hosted by the LDEM instructor Monika Fabian and AUB Botanic Docent André Hammoush. The children were given a brief explanation on biodiversity and how nature falls out of balance if one of its consisiting elements disappear. They were then put into groups and participated in a bingo treasure hunt game of finding different leaves and creatures on campus and were assembled in the lower campus playground to wrap up the activity. The children were given labels with titles of different natural elements; plants, earthworms, birds... etc, and were told to form a bridge as a metaphor of the existing elements in an ecosystem. When one child was instructed to leave the bridge, the rest tumbled down.

Both french and english educated classes were given the same activity successfully. The AUBotanic hopes to maintain children related activities with schools in the future.