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The AUB campus is quite old, recently passing the 150-year mark. What many people may be unaware, is that many of its trees are also this old. Ranim Abiali, coordinator of AUBotanic, has been continually assessing the risk associated with aging trees on a yearly basis. Trees are assessed according to level of risk. A high risk is when the tree might fall during a span of 5-10 years, moderate risk is 10-20 years, and slight risks, which are easily avoided by applying specific low cost maintenance practices. Ranim has also trained five botanical docent volunteers on the practice of tree risk assessment, so that these yearly assessments are conducted with more people involved!


As a result of the assessments and current environment AUB finds itself in, our committee members have been hard at work creating what may be the new landscape management strategy of AUB, which focuses on sustainably adapting to AUB and Lebanon's current problems. New practices will ensure plant species’ longevity and resilience to climate change and stagnant economic situations.

A message of thanks to Prof. Monika Fabian, Mr. Jad Salameh, Mr. Farouk Merhebi, Mr. Anis Abdallah, and Ms. Ranim Abiali.

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