Artist / Writer in Residence

​​An established artist/writer-in-residence program will enhance the artistic and creative literary environment for faculty and students at AUB, encouraging the development of creative ideas, visions, and practices. Each year, CAH will invite at least one prominent artist or writer from the region to serve in-residence for a period of two to four weeks. The residency will support the artist/writer in pursuing his/her own creative work in AUB’s thriving academic milieu. They will provide discussion sessions with students, faculty and members of the local art community by delivering a public performance/exhibition/ lecture/reading, and supervising the design and running of one intensive crash-course or workshop. The artist/writer-in-residence will open new discourse, showcase the dynamic dimension of culture, and serve as an example of the viability of careers in the arts and humanities for AUB students.

Artist in Residence for the fall term:

Zena El Khalil