Mellon Fellowships

​Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Each year two post-doctoral fellowships will be awarded to recent PhD holders.  Preference will be given to the following disciplines:

Arabic (Mamluk or Ottoman Arabic Literature)
English (Translation studies, world literature, and global theater/film)
Fine Arts and Art History (musicology, music performance, theater and art history)
Philosophy (Ancient philosophy, Islamic philosophy, Feminist philosophy)
History and Archaeology (Natural sciences in archaeology, prehistory of the Levant, Islamic archaeology, Egyptology)

AUB Faculty Fellowships

Each year three AUB faculty fellowships will be awarded to the AUB faculty through a competitive process. Faculty fellowships at the CAH are intended to encourage junior and mid-career faculty to actively reimagine their disciplines, conduct innovative research, and develop new courses and programs that explore humanistic and artistic scholarship from multiple disciplinary and regional perspectives.


Post-Doctoral Fellow 2018-19


  • ​​Dr. Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
Artistic Research and Sound Studies


AUB Faculty Fellows 2018-19

  • ​Dr. Sylvain Perdigon
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology Anthropology and Media Studies


  • Dr Heather O'Brien
Assistant Professor
Department of Fine Arts and Art History



  • ​Dr. Sirine Harb, 
Associate Professor
Department of English