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CAMS Fellowship Program

​​​​​​Aims of the CAMS Fellowship Program

The Program will provide support to faculty members who are pursuing fundamental research in the Mathematical Sciences, at AUB and/or other universities in Lebanon. It further aims to stimulate collaboration between local, regional and international scholars, as it strengthens the role of CAMS as a platform for exchange within the mathematical community. The broader, long-term, objective is to facilitate the growth of dedicated CAMS Research Units in promising fields of wide enough interest.

CAMS Fellows: Expectations and Benefits

A CAMS fellowship is granted for a period of one year, and is open to renewal for an extra year. We will give particular consideration to early-to-mid career faculty members. The call is open to researchers working in the Mathematical Sciences [e.g. pure and applied mathematics, theoretical computer science, theoretical physics​]. Faculty member​s working in the fields of differential geometry and mathematical physics, statistics and theoratical machine learning, optimal control or information theory are strongly encouraged to apply for the 2022-23 cycle.

    CAMS fellows are expected to:

  • Demonstrate excellence in research, through original and impactful projects;
  • Contribute to the life of the Center by organizing activities in line with the Center's mission (typically a working group with invited and local specialists, students and postdocs, associated mini-courses, seminars, conference, etc);
  • Stimulate local and regional collaboration around mathematics research and teaching;
  • Contribute to deeper and wider appreciation of their research area through broad public lectures (whether by themselves or their visitors) and an expository piece on their work to be featured through CAMS website;
  • Explore, when possible, external funding opportunities to supplement CAMS support;
  • Submit a progress report on activities conducted 6 months from the start of the fellowship period, then another by the end of the 1-year fellowship period;
  • Recognize CAMS in their list of affiliations.

    CAMS fellows shall benefit from:

  • CAMS facilities [office space, seminar room, and other logistical amenities];
  • The support of CAMS personnel with visitor and meeting logistics, proposal writing...etc;
  • An annual budget of up to $7000 to cover basic expenses directly associated with the proposed project [research related travel, visitor, research assistants...etc];
  • Additional funding for conferences, development of online-courses, or other substantial projects of mathematical import, to be considered on a case by case basis.

Application Procedure and Timeline

Candidates are asked to provide with their application:​

  • A ​CV.
  • A cover letter providing a description of research plans [to be written in a language that a non-specialist can readily understand], and a statement on impact which reflects on how the research project and proposed activities will advance the field, as they serve the mission of CAMS.
  • A list of proposed activities with a tentative timetable.
  • An itemized budget, with justification of requested funding for:​
    • Travel expenses for a conference or visiting collaborators [with specifics on conference/meeting, expected dates...etc];
    • Inviting international scholar(s) associated with fellowship activities;
    • Salary of research assistant(s);
    • Course buyout/salary in relation to proposed activities [open to AUB faculty, and this is for projects of exceptional merit and impact]​;
    • Proposed activities [a preliminary estimate, with mention of any potential external sources of funding].​​

  • CVs of key collaborators (limited to 2-pages each).

Applications for AY 2023-2024 are submitted by email to Ms. Hiba Hammoud (CAMS officer,​) and due by December 15, 2023Successful candidates will be notified by January 2024.

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