AUB Engage

​​​CCECS is preparing AUB students to lead the improvement of their societies by affecting change within Lebanon’s most underserved communities through collaboration between academia, humanitarian agencies, policymakers, and local stakeholders. This catalytic model of transformative education actively engages students from all backgrounds to work together to respond to social and civic issues that are of critical importance to Lebanon and the region. 

The Center serves as a key resource for all AUB students through volunteering and internship opportunities, leadership development workshops and trainings, service-learning support, and student-led community service projects. Since 2015, almost 7,000 students have participated in CCECS activities, completing over 40,000 volunteering hours with more than 250 community partners. 

Through events like the annual NGO Forum, which brings more than 100 NGOs to campus, and awareness-raising activities co-sponsored with local NGOs, the Center brings knowledge and experience from outside the walls to AUB with the aim to inspire and engage the AUB community.​