Inclusive Neighborhood Jeanne d'Arc Street

​​​​Beirut is one of the most pedestrian unfriendly cities in the world. Walking in Beirut is a jolting experience that requires constant vig​ilance​ of oncoming traffic, dangerous pathways and multiple roadblocks. In response to these challenges, CCECS developed a partnership with AUB's Neighborhood Initiative to bring together a team of social scientists and urban designers. The team spent nine months conducting background research on Jeanne d'Arc Street, a main traffic artery in Ras Beirut. This time was dedicated to documenting obstruction, identifying mobility difficulties for different types of pedestrians, and interviewing residents, businesses and everyday users of the street. This research resulted in the development in a barrier-free pedestrian experience. The proposed design makes the street safe and comfortable for all users creating a positive ambiance that encourages foot traffic.