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Arbitration Certificate Program
​Following the MOU signed with the Beirut Bar Association, AUB CEC is offering the Arbitration Certificate Program which is intended for lawyers, paralegals, business professionals and those interested in law and arbitration. More importantly, this program equips the participants with the specialized terminology, phrases and expressions required to easily express ideas and to understand arbitration. The program is designed to equip the participants with the basic definitions and skills involved in Arbitration.

The program encompasses the following courses:

Course 1: Arbitration as a Process

It is intended to equip participants with the skills needed to present their conflicts to a third-party neutral who acts as a private judge.  The course presents the adversarial approach which aims at replacing the judicial system with a “fast and final" resolution of disagreements.  The course explains what arbitration is vis á vis other forms of dispute resolution.

Course  2: Role of Arbitrator

The course presents the role of the arbitrator as a means to find justice and to rule swiftly and impartially.  Upon the completion of the course, participants will be taught the basic skills necessary to conduct a preliminary conference, issue prehearing orders, establish a discovery schedule, resolve discovery disputes and deal with attempted delays.

Course 3: International Arbitration

The course intends to teach the participants how to determine the applicable law and applicable substantive law. The course teaches transnational rules, lex mercatoria and trade usages. The course teaches arbitration and EC laws.  The course presents the kinds of arbitration such as Binding, Non-binding, and Quasi-binding.

Course 4: Arbitration Award and Panel Formation

The course intends to teach the participants how to preside at an arbitration hearing, render the award and avoid prejudicial conduct during the hearing and after the award.  The participants will also be oriented towards real life application of the skills taught in the course and impressed with the incredible importance of ethical conduct.

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Program Objectives

Upon the completion of the four courses of the arbitration program, participants will be able to:

  1. Conduct a preliminary conference;
  2. Issue prehearing orders and resolve pre-hearing matters, including discovery and delays;
  3. Conduct and preside at an arbitration hearing;
  4. Preside at an arbitration hearing;
  5. Render an arbitration award; and
  6. Avoid prejudicial conduct.

Program Methodology

The program employs active learning strategies whereby participants will be engaged in the following activities:

KWL, KUD, Simulations, Discussions, Paideia Seminar, Socratic Seminar, Think-pair-square, Think-pair-share, Group Investigation, Polar Opposites, Make Them Guess, Recall, Summarize, Question, Connect, and Comment, One-Minute Papers, Muddiest Point, Drawing for Understanding, Concept Mapping, Pro and Con Grid, Pair-Share-Repeat, Forced Debate, Optimist/Pessimist, Role-Playing, and Jury Trial.

Program Duration

Four​ courses covered in 120 hours (within 6 months)

Suggested Program Fee US$ 2,400.

Special Fees per Participant for Corporate Groups:
Three to six participants: US$ 2,300
Seven to 10: US$ 2,200
More than 10: US$ 2,100​

Please find the Presenters' Biographies here

Dr. Ghada Awada
Program Coordinator

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