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International Commercial Arbitration Certificate Program
​​This program is intended for Lawyers, engineers, contractors, legal directors, corporate counsels from companies involved in international commercial arbitration, professionals and academics aiming for a career or to expand their knowledge in international commercial arbitration. It focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of modern international commercial comparative arbitration, including a thorough comparative review of arbitration rules and laws, ad-hoc and institutional systems. 

The program encompasses the following courses:

CABT 205 Central Aspects & Agreement to Arbitrate          30hrs

This course provides a thorough understanding of arbitration in comparison to other ADR mechanisms and litigation, definitions of arbitration, concepts of arbitration, juridical nature of arbitration, delocalized arbitration, international and domestic arbitration, institutional and ad hoc arbitration, disputes resolved “ex aequo et bono", the relationship between state courts and international arbitration, legal issues relating to arbitration agreements, concepts of Arbitrability, Separability, and State Immunity implications on arbitration.


CABT 206  Arbitral Tribunal, Jurisdiction, Powers, and Process      30hrs

This course provides a comprehensive discussion of all major issues relating to the arbitration tribunal, appropriate number of arbitrators and appointment procedures, main rights and obligations of arbitrators and the parties to an arbitration, understand the various theories for the source of rights and obligations of arbitration tribunals, liability of arbitrators and arbitration institutions, challenge and replacement of arbitrators, arbitration proceedings from both theoretical and practical perspectives, the effect of the commencement of arbitration, the importance and content of preliminary meetings and orders with review of terms of reference, the role and style of written submissions, the procedure at hearings before arbitrators, hearings in international commercial arbitration, and the rules of evidence as applied in international commercial arbitration.


CABT 207 Applicable Laws of Arbitration                             30hrs

This course provides a thorough understanding of the implication of conflict of laws in international commercial arbitration how applicable law is determined in international arbitration, methods of determining applicable law by the arbitration tribunal, the application of national laws and “Contrat Sans Loi", the relevance of mandatory rules in arbitration and the importance of public policy considerations, the content of applicable substantive law, understand the lex mercatoria, its sources and principles, understand the application of general principles of law in international arbitration, the application of extra-legal standards, the Lex Arbitri and the Curial Law, and the law applicable to arbitrability.


CABT 208 Arbitral Award                                                        30hrs

This course provides an in-depth evaluation of the requirements relating to form, content and delivery of awards, the appeal of the arbitral award, the circumstances for a challenge to an award and relevant and competent courts for such challenges, the recognition and enforcement of domestic and foreign awards, the limited grounds and procedure to refuse enforcement of foreign awards, and in-depth examination of the 1958 New York Convention and other conventions.


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Program Duration

Four​ courses covered in 120 hours (within Four semesters)

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