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English for Law and Legal Studies

​​​​Course Description

​​English for Law and Legal Studies is a Legal English Certificate Program consisting of 7 modules. Learners who are limited, average or high English proficient can greatly benefit from this program which aims at improving their legal English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Using Windows Movie Maker legal terminology videos and employing a variety of strategies and techniques such role play, dubbing, back to screen, Think-pair- share and group discussions, the instructor intends to facilitate learning in a comfortable, fun and engaging environment.

Course Modules

Module 1: ​Law Talk: Legal Terminology and Expressions in Context (42 hours)​
Module 2: Attestations, Affidavits and Certificates Mastery (42 hours)
Module 3: Contracts and Proxies (42 hours)
Module 4: Memorandums, confidentiality and loan agreements. (42 hours)
Module 5: Arbitration, mediation and court proceedings (42 hours)
Module 6: United Nations framework and international Agreements.  (42 hours)
Module 7: Real estate and land registry terminology, structures and documents. (42 hours)


To submit your full registration, ​​send all filled required documents to or pass by CEC Office. ​​​​

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