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Cinematic Arts Certificate


This certificate yields creative and professional candidates in the field of motion pictu​re with dedicated specializations in various practices. Film is one of the most desired and challenging creative fields this innovative program that is constructed in a straightforward and condensed manner delivers dedicated humanistic filmmakers, creative brains with superior technical skills, similarly to state-of-the-art Hollywood entertainment and visual arts institutions.​

​​​Course Description

  • CNMA 201 Basic Film Photography

This course will explore the different techniques on camera operation, iris, shutter speed, depth of field, composition and​ other essential notions, as well as light design, light modules, measurements and positioning, color temperature, image texture and various style to be acquired by the candidate. The main target remains, how to deploy the combination of light and camera in order to get a clean well balanced and highly aesthetic image. 

  • CNMA 202 Introduction to Directing

This course will introduce the Basic directing techniques, mise-en-scene communication system, directing actors and camera works. Converting a script to screen is an exciting process especially when the filmmaker masters the technical aspect, from breakdown of narratives, to cinematographic language. In addition, the course will build the candidates’ team leading techniques in order to realize his vision with his creative crew. 

  • CNMA 203 Screenwriting 

Writing is a creative occupation at first, however the technical knowledge of how to write for the screen differs completely from writing for other outcomes. Contrarily to what is commonly known, screenwriting is not only about the dialogue, it is about using words to involve visual instances in a strong and tight narrative that captures the audience. This course will introduce the candidates to different techniques of screenwriting focusing on the American methodology and narrative guidelines that are behind all the successful mainstream films. 

  • CNMA 204 Editing 

The signification of a film is not only intrinsic to the image and the sound emitted in a cinematic instance, however a film can produce meaning due to the way its images are juxtaposed next to each other, this is called editing. This course will equip the candidate with the techniques that can be deployed in editing, in order to make from the filmed rushes a finished product. This course will be explored on AVID editing systems as it will develop with the candidates professional editing techniques for various media products. 

  • CNMA 205 Sound Design 

This course will introduce to the participant major sound equipment used in film production needed for picking up sounds on set and in studio (Foleys). In addition, it will develop the techniques deployed to treat sound in post production in order to have a high end sound quality for an immersive reality. This course will produce sound designers that are compelling to produce the acoustic realm of a film. ​

  • CNMA 206 Fiction Film 

This course tackles in an advanced manner the techniques deployed to influence the spectator making him dive in the realm of the film. These methods given will develop the standards of constructing successfully a coherent, fictional space-time continuum where the director sutures the world of the film in a way to persuade yet to manipulate the spectator. As the cinematic language of the candidate is more developed, superior is his approach when it comes to directing films. 

​​​​​​​To submit your full registration, ​​send all filled required documents to or pass by CEC Office. ​​​

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