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Critical Care Nursing Certificate


The program is designed to build on the knowledge and clinical experience of nurses. It consists of 90 theory contact-hours and 90 clinical contact-hours. The theory part tackles concepts and issues related to assessment, care, and evaluation of critically ill adults. The practicum part includes application of critical care concepts in assessing and managing evidence-based care to critically ill clients. Areas of emphasis include nursing assessment, interventions, and evaluation in critical illness, ventilatory assistance, hemodynamic monitoring, dysrhythmias, and EKG interpretation.

The program is based on the nursing process as a framework for building theoretical knowledge and applying nursing care. Concepts such as critical care environment, relationship with patient and f​amily, end-of-life care, infection control and safety, communication, documentation, and critical thinking will be integrated in this course. Reading and understanding nursing research, doing library search and using information technology to enhance learning will be incorporated.​

​Course Description

  • CNRS 315 Fundamental of Critical Care Nursing

This course gives an overview of critical care nursing: critical care environment, relationship with patient and family, end-of-life care, infection control and safety, communication and documentation. It also focuses on dysrhythmia interpretation, ECG interpretation, hemodynamic monitoring, and ventilatory assistance. 

  • CNRS 316 Nursing Care Management of the Critically Ill Adult

This course aims at enhancing the participants’ know how in cases of shock, cardiac alterations, nervous system alterations, acute respiratory failure, and acute renal failure. 

  • CNRS 317 Nursing Management of Acute Medical and Surgical Emergencies

This course aims at enhancing the participants’ know how in cases of hematological and immune disorders, gastrointestinal alterations, endocrine alterations, trauma, and burns. 

  • CNRS 318 Practicum I: Critical Care Nursing: Assessment and Evaluation
  • CNRS 319 Practicum II: Critical Care Nursing: Management
  • CNRS 320 Practicum III: Code Management​

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