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​​Non-Certificate Courses

  • ​​​Advanced Photography
    CPHT 102 - This course is designed for students who want to develop their skills in the technical and artistic production of photography. It builds on previously acquired skills and guide students in developing pe​rsonal outlooks towards specific applications of the photographic process Students will be challenged to explore the concept of developing a series of images that cultivate a personal vision while building a portfolio which illustrates an understanding of various processes and professional presentation. Prerequisite: CPHT 101.​​​

  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E)
    FF&E - This course breaks down the process of furnishing a space. It equips the designer with the proper toolset to attain efficient decisi​on making and provide the designed space a true added value. During the course we will introduce FF&E, design elements, interior and furniture styles. Through brainstorming and research techniques, participants will build a process guideline, from the concept board up to detailed furniture BOQ. This course is for architects, product, furniture and interior designers, students gallery owners, and other interested parties.​​ Click here to check the instructor's biography.​​

  • Digital Rendering for Interior Designers
    CINR 303 - This course concentrates on transforming the technical drawings into client friendly, readable and attractive presentations. It teaches students who already know AutoCAD how to transfer CAD drawings into color rendered images using both AutoCAD and Photoshop programs.​

  • Digital Audio
    CMUS 105 - This course shows students how to create music using computers, keyboards and industry-standard audio software, such as Cubase. Beside general topics in music composition and songwriting, students also learn about MIDI sequencing. Prior musical training is not typically required.​

  • History of Arts
    CART 201 - This course is an introduction to the art of the twentieth century. It focuses on the approaches and methodology used in the Dadaist and the Surrealist movements in visual art and literature. The course covers the sources and influences of the major artists. Styles and movements of this period are closely examined. Emphasis is on discussion of pioneering attitudes, theories, and concepts of the art world with topics ranging from a focus on artists and media, art politics, and various thematic concerns. Seminars, workshops and lectures diversify the course.​​

  • History and Appreciation of Oriental Music
    CMUS 101 - This course is a survey of the historical sources, and the development of the underlying principles, forms, modes, and rhythms, of Oriental and​ Middle Eastern music,. Readings as well as recordings of music and live vocal or instrumental performances will be used to illustrate important styles, modes, and instrumentation. Music is studied in the context of the general Middle Eastern culture.​

  • History and Appreciation of Oriental Music​ II
    ​CMUS 102 - This course will introduce Middle Eastern music history, by focusing on Lebanese and Arabic composers and singers. Introduction to texture in music (homophonic, polyphonic, monophonic) and to textures used in music (h​armony, counterpoint).​

  • Introduction to Arts Policy and Management 
    CART 101 - This course introduces the main concepts related to arts policy and management, giving an overview of the fundamentals of arts policy as well as essential concepts related to third sector arts and cultural organizations management.​

  • Introduction to Graphic Design
    CGRD 101 - This course is for beginners who seek an introduction to graphic design. The course helps students acquire the creative, conceptual, narrative and presentation skills necessary to integrate content with technical skills in the production of effective and evocative design. It emphasizes the principles of visual organization and the elements of graphic design that govern effective design and page layout. Topics include shape, color, and communication; visual hierarchy; word/image relationships and integration; typography; composition. It includes practical exercises in visual perception, visual organization, and visual communication. ​​

  • Landscape Gardening for the Home
    CLGH 101 - This 10-week course includes: horticulture skills (potting, propagation and transplanting of annuals and perennials) and landscape principles (plant selection and layout in small gardens, balconies and indoors) introduced through lectures, live demonstrations and hands-on application.​​​

  • Landscape Photography​
    CPHT 104 - The landscape photography course aims at enhancing students’ photography skills to higher levels in one of the most beautiful places in Lebanon. Students will learn how to use their basic photography skills in order to experiment the landscape photography.​​

  • Life Drawing
    CDRW 101 - This course concentrates on “seeing” and rendering with pencil and charcoal. Special emphasis is placed on still life, taken from nature and landscapes.​​​

  • People and ​​Portrait Photography
    CPHT 103 - This course helps students to acquire the necessary techniques for photographing people. It will focus on studio portrait, models, documentary portrait, and creative character. The course also includes: choice of appropriate equipment, best use of lighting, location selection and technical considerations for formal and environmental portraits. Practical assignments will be set and most classes include a photo shoot session.​​

  • Sketching
    CSKT 101 - In this course, students will learn how to execute a free hand drawing that is not intended as a finished work. They will be introduced to perspective, proportions, scales and composition.​​

  • Using your Digital Camera
    CPHT 101 - This course is designed to familiarize the students with the photography equipment and build their basic skills in photography. It will focus on photographic methods and techniques, composition elements and theories, and the interdependence of medium and image. The course includes practical photography exercises.​​​

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