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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Non-Certificate Courses

  • CENG 101 - English Language Level 1 ​
  • CENG 102 - English Language Level 2
  • CENG 103 - English Language Level 3
  • CENG 104 - English Language Level 4
  • CENG 105 - English Language Level 5
  • CENG 106 - English Language Level 6
  • CENG 107 - English Language Level 7

    ​​دورة مكثفة في اللغة الانكليزية​ تهدف الى تمكين المشتركين فيها من اصول اللغة في القراءة والكتابة والقواعد والمحادثة، وهي تشمل على عدة مستويات يوزع الطلاب فيها وفقا لمدى المام كل منهم بها. تحدد مستويات (7) الطلاب بناء على نتائجهم​ في امتحان خاص للتصنيف يجري قبل اتمامهم عمليات التسجيل للدورة. ​​

  • ​​​Conversational English
    CENG 201 - This course offers students the opportunity to speak in formal and informal situations. Throughout the course, students will participate in discussions, group activities, and simulated role-playing. They will also give and evaluate presentations. Applicants eligible for this course must have a score of 450 on the EEE; otherwise, candidates will sit for a placement test at the CEC.​

  • ​​​Creative Writing
    CENG 202 - This course provides participants with the opportunity to apply and extend their creative writing skills in a workshop setting through a series of directed writing activities and in-class discussions. Genre-specific writing will be addressed allowing participants to pursue specific interests in writing fiction, creative non-fiction, memoir and/or poetry. Developing voice and revision will be important components of this course. Participants will also learn how to prepare a piece of writing for publication and will examine the publishing opportunities available to writers.

  • Public Speaking
    CENG 203 - This course focuses on the fundamentals of oral communication which involves preparation and presentation of conventional forms of public address, such as expository and persuasive speaking. Emphasis is placed on the use of correct and effective language and organizational skills in preparing, delivering and evaluating different types of oral presentations. Prerequisite: CENG 106 or equivalent.​

  • Communication Skills
    CENG 204 - This course is designed to teach participants different communication techniques and skills in the areas of time management, note-taking, proofreading, editing and copywriting of business, medical, legal, journalistic and economic texts and writings. Participants will practice their communication skills by listening to lectures and dialogues among professionals. The will also write, edit and proofread various documents, abstracts and short papers; and will learn to present orally using latest technology. Prerequisite: CENG 106 or equivalent.

  • Standard Arabic Beginner
    CARB 101 - This course introduces students to the language through a proper acquisition of the alphabet, pronunciation of the sounds, connection of letters, and formation of words and simple sentences.

  • Standard Arabic Intermediate
    CARB 102 - This course focuses on basic grammar structures and vocabulary; and on comprehension and articulation of simple statements, questions, and paragraphs.

  • Standard Arabic Advanced
    CARB 103 -This course stresses complex grammar structures and vocabulary needed to comprehend and compose written and oral material.

  • Colloquial Arabic Beginner
    CARB 201 - This course focuses on pronunciation and vocabulary needed to engage in simple dialogues such as, greetings, directions, traveling, and shopping.

  • Colloquial Arabic Intermediate
    CARB 202 - This course focuses on the basic principles of expression and builds the students’ vocabulary to enable them to comprehend and compose simple sentences needed in day-to-day conversations.

  • Colloquial Arabic Advanced 
    CARB 203 - This course offers students the opportunity to practice their communication skills in different settings to achieve a comfortable level of verbal interaction in business, social, and formal environments.

  • French I 
    CFRN 101 - This course provides students with the chance to use the language in familiar contexts both orally and in writing. In Level One, the emphasis is on conversations using basic structures.

  • French II
    CFRN 102 - This course provides students with the chance to use the language in familiar contexts both orally and in writing. In Level Two, the student will be able to read and write simple texts.

  • German I
    CGER 101 - In this course, students will learn basic vocabulary and sentence formation that would enable them to participate in simple conversations.​

  • German II
    CGER 102 - In this course, students will learn the basics for writing and conversing in a more professional way. Prerequisite: German I.

  • Chinese I
    CHNS 101 - This course provides students with basic working knowledge of Chinese (Mandarin). The course exposes beginners to Chinese Pinyin (spelling with one tone), Chinese characters, Chinese grammar, commonly-used sentence structures, and simple situational dialogues.

  • Chinese II
    CHNS 102 - This course is a continuation of Chinese I. Students will learn more characters, grammar, sentence structures, and dialogues; and they will practice simple applied writing. Prerequisite: Chinese I.

  • Italian
    CITL 101 - This course provides the student with a basic knowledge of Italian and foundation for speaking, reading, and writing the language.

  • Spanish I 
    CSPN 101 - This course is designed to provide the student with a basic knowledge of Spanish, both of its conversational form and of the elementary grammatical structure. By the end of the course, the student will be able to engage in simple conversation, read short articles and write letters and simple compositions.​

  • Spanish II
    CSPN 102 - This course aims to enhance the students’ skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students who complete this course should be able to communicate in a more professional way. Prerequisite: Spanish I.​​

To submit your full registration, ​​send all filled required documents to or pass by CEC Office. ​​​​​​

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