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Human Resources Management Certificate


The objective of this certificate is to offer instruction on practical, current issues in the human resource field for professional development. Increasingly, companies in Lebanon realize that a motivated, appropriately selected, trained, appraised and compensated workforce is critical to improving company financial performance and success. Human resource professionals facilitate this process through effective management of human resource issues.

Course Description

  • CHRM 101 Overview of Human Resource Management

This course introduces the main concepts of managing human resources in organizations, discusses the various roles that HRM departments play and demonstrates how HR policies and practices help support the business strategy. Topics include the strategic role of HRM, job analysis and personnel planning, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, compensation and retention as well as the ethical aspect of HRM. 

  • CHRM 201 Workforce Planning and Staffing

This course explores how organizations plan for changes in their workforce, create recruitment strategies, and develop selection systems to identify the best talent for their businesses. It encompasses planning for, establishing, and maintaining a quality work force; identifying critical specifications for filling positions; recruiting a pool of talent; developing methods for selecting from the talent pool; and creating desirable person/job and organization fit. CHRM 202 Total Compensation and Benefits

  • CHRM 202 Total Compensation and Benefits

This course conveys applied knowledge about compensation systems for aspiring HR professionals. The course objective is to provide a solid understanding of the art of compensation practice and its role in promoting companies’ competitive advantages. It is assumed that students will be best prepared to assume the role of competent compensation strategist if they possess a solid understanding of compensation practices. Thus, we will examine the context of compensation practice, the criteria used to compensate employees, compensation system design issues, employee benefits, and contemporary challenges that compensation professionals will face well into the 21st century. 

  • CHRM 203 Employee Training and Development 

Rapid changes in technology and job design, along with the increasing importance of learning- and knowledge-based organizations make training and development an increasingly important topic in human resources development. In this course, the student will learn how to identify training and development needs through needs assessments, analyze jobs and tasks to determine training and development objectives, create appropriate training objectives, design effective training and development programs using different techniques or methods, implement a variety of different training and development activities, and evaluate training and development programs. ​​​

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