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Nursing Informatics Certificate


​​​The post-basic certificate in nursing informatics is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to take a leadership role in the selection and implementation of healthcare information management systems and in applying the knowledge gained from the information generated from these systems. This program entails five courses which focus on concepts and issues surrounding technology and information management in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.​

​Course Description

  • CNRS 306 Data, Information and Knowledge

This course focuses on the nature of data, the concepts of information and knowledge, principles of relational database systems, operations, information systems, data sets, data standards and classification systems. During the course, students will be able to gain knowledge about developing a database.

  • CNRS 307 Informatics and the Healthcare Delivery System

This course is designed to introduce students to the field of healthcare informatics. It focuses on the history of healthcare informatics, basic informatics concepts, and health information management applications. During the course, students will discuss and compare information management applications related to administration, education, practice and research.

  • CNRS 308 System Lifecycle 

This course focuses on a structured approach to the selection and implementation of an information system. The course includes four sections corresponding to the five phases of the life cycle: planning, analysis, design, implementation and evaluation.

  • CNRS 309 Issues in Healthcare Informatics 

This course is designed to encourage students to engage in a dialogue among themselves and with experts in the field of healthcare and health care informatics in order to come to some understanding of current issues. Using a single broad case study, students view the issues engendered by the case through the many-colored lenses of ethics, politics, society, and law.

  • CNRS 310 Data Standards, Terminologies and Implications for Practice 

This course focuses on knowledge representation: data standards, terminologies, and their implications for practice. The terminologies component provides an overview for nursing, and other health​care terminologies in use. The data component describes the functions of data standards and implications for informatics as well as professional practices.​

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