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Pharmaceutical Leadership Certificate


The objective of this program is to enable participants to develop the skills and knowledge needed to successfully manage the business in all its aspects and ensure it meets its goals. Participants will gain an understanding of all aspects of the business operation including managerial skills, marketing, financial analysis, human resources, as well as accurate usage and analysis of data for decision-making. They will build on their communication expertise and acquire advanced negotiation skills which will allow them to recognize and build strong and effective teams.​​​

Course Description

  • CPHL 300 Mastering Leadership 
This course teaches how to adopt a situational leadership style that results in improving the participants’ communication and assertiveness skills to become more trusted and credible leaders and to take control of a situation without alienating others. It also provides attendees with the necessary skills to be effective negotiators and use appropriate interpersonal skills to communicate effectively during conflict and how to minimize its risk. In addition, using the art of coaching, this course helps executives raise their potential and level of performance and get the most out of their team. Furthermore, participants will learn how to leverage a variety of techniques to stay focused and act more decisively under pressure; they will learn how to develop a solid action plan to keep their head above water, make immediate improvements and achieve measurable results. 

  • CPHL 301 Pyramid of Marketing

In this course, delegates will develop a full understanding of the function of marketing, its value, role and purpose in order to deal effectively with its integration with other organizational forces. Moreover, when being overloaded with information, attendees will learn how to identify the most relevant parts, make sense of seemingly contradictory facts and come up with the best solutions. In addition, the course equips participants with the necessary skills needed to operate at an advanced level within their organization through an enhanced understanding of the role of forecasting and budgeting methods in strategic planning and how these can greatly affect the bottom line. Lastly, the course describes the main role of Market Access in maintaining an active intelligence of pricing trends and reimbursement/funding in the market in order to anticipate risks and opportunities. 

  • CPHL 302 Strategic Financial Management 

This course enables participants to understand the relationship between financial planning, forecasting and budgeting within the strategic management process. The course also explores a range of techniques for enhancing strategic thought to improve the decision-making process in situations that are directly related to the company’s strategic objectives. Moreover, this course allows non-financial executives to gain a greater understanding of how to work out the financial implications of their day-to-day decisions which allows them to take decisions that have a positive impact on financial objectives of the business. 

  • CPHL 303 Keys to Best Operational Performance 

In this course, participants will acquire the importance of Human Resources from a strategic perspective and learn the core components of ​the employee lifecycle needed for the proper acquisition and retention of talent to sustain growth. In addition, this course provides the attendees with a clear and concise understanding of the role played by Regulatory Affairs and how they can interfere to improve matters. Moreover, participants will examine the design and performance of supply chain categories and processes in different business contexts and know their benefits and risks, which help them in lowering the incurred cost of each. The course will also equip participants with the skills needed to strategically manage change by understanding the organization’s competitive environment and align it with its performance expectations. ​

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