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Pharmaceutical Sales for Medical Representatives Certificates


The objective of this program is to provide the necessary skills and knowledge needed to succeed as medical representatives. The program is composed of a multitude of exercises, role plays, and guidelines designed to help students to master sales skills by better understanding customers’ profiles and needs.​​

Course Description

  • CPHS 100 The Art of Selling

This course introduces different selling techniques and prepares the participants for a variety of sales environments. An emphasis is given for mastering specific sales skills that pertain to pharmacies and hospitals. Participants will learn how to identify the customers’ real needs based on their social styles, develop a specific sales plan and know how to communicate it in order to achieve their sales goals. 

  • CPHS 101 Keys to Communication Excellence

This course is designed to enable participants to communicate with precision and clarity. It equips them with presentation skills through which they will develop their own presentation style and enhance their techniques for eliciting audience involvement. Moreover, participants will learn powerful negotiation techniques that have maximum impact in daily negotiations with different parties; along with tools necessary for managing emotionally charged work situations. Participants will also learn about the factors that hinder productivity and will analyze their own response to pressure; upon which they will develop action plans to mitigate such factors and reduce stress. 

  • CPHS 102 Optimizing Sales Effectiveness 

In this course, participants will learn how to plan and manage their time and territory through handling work effectively, prioritizing visits and dealing with interruptions. Participants will be able to identify the real problem when facing challenges and come up with potential innovative actions to make the right decision and obtain the best results. In addition, participants will learn how to build strong professional relationships, including the Adoption Ladder strategy, which is based on using the proper sales dialogue to swiftly reach an advanced stage in the adoption process when communicating with doctors. The course also enables participants to have a systematic approach to manage and grow the organization’s key accounts to maximize value and achieve goals. 

  • CPHS 103 Fundamental Marketing Dynamics

​During this course, participants will learn what marketing is, ranging from creating promotional material for various market segments to ultimately market measure their success. Second, attendees will be exposed to different tools and exercises needed to understand how event management is properly done in terms of preparation, follow up and feedback. Third, the course explains how to identify, prioritize, segment, profile and validate the right key opinion leaders (KOLs) and use a well-conceived activity planning process to develop healthy, long-term relationships with these KOLs. Fourth, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how to offer high-value prospective customer experiences and the crucial need of integrating sales with marketing activities to align resources and communication towards the company’s objectives and vision. ​​​

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