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Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Management Certificate


The objective of this program is to enable participants to successfully lead their teams while taking into consideration the overall business operation. Participants will learn advanced marketing tools, brand management strategies, as well as forecasting and data analysis techniques.​

Course Description

  • CPHM 200 Team Leading 

This course is intended to equip the participants with managerial and supervisory tools needed for the successful implementation of their responsibilities in various processes. Through acquiring leadership and motivation skills, managers and supervisors will be able to lead a high performing team under pressure and maintain solid group dynamics, which will increase business efficiency and decrease the amount of time lost as a result of both conflict and stress. In addition, they will acquire conflict management skills where they can manage disputes and disagreements in a positive manner. This is done by teaching participants to lead rather than just manage their teams through inspiring commitment and motivating performance for maximum impact. 

  • CPHM 201 Tools for Enhanced Performance

This course teaches how to adopt a situational leadership style by discovering techniques on how to be assertive communicators that results in heightened performance and improved productivity. Also, through improving their ability to coach and mentor, participants will be able to maximize their individual effectiveness and enhance the potential of their team to become more effective, productive and committed. Moreover, the course equips participants with the tools needed to organize and analyze the overwhelming amount of data they are daily inundated with, so they can make decisions to the best advantage of their business and career. In order to understand how the company is performing in relation to its strategic goals, attendees will use a variety of performance management tools and techniques to generate value through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) management. 

  • CPHM 202 Mastering Marketing Tactics

Using a powerful marketing strategy, attendees will be able to strengthen the sustainability of their products/services in the market by identifying the internal and external factors needed to determine a successful marketing mix, targeted segmentation, positioning and resources. In addition, attendees will learn how to analyze, plan and manage their brand and identify their target market, with a special emphasis given on the power of social media platforms in shaping brand communication and advocacy. Moreover, this course explains the exact role of portfolio management and how to identify and allocate marketing resources in order to manage work more effectively and efficiently which is based on three essential pillars: leading business, leading people and leading self. 

  • CPHM 203 Building Blocks for Successful Management

This course provides participants with the necessary techniques and confidence to forecast sales, effectively manage their budget and reduce risk in decision making through qualitative and quantitative analysis. It also covers basic accounting principles and guides non-financial professionals on how to read and interpret key financial statements and how to transform them into decision-making tools they can successfully utilize in their day-to-day operations. It then introduces the major building blocks in supply chain (SC) networks where attendees will develop capabilities in logistics, inventory management, risk pooling, procurement, sales orders fulfilment and process design. In addition, this course provides the attendees with a clear and concise understanding of the role played by Regulatory Affairs for better coordination between different departments. Moreover, participants will learn how to identify the forces driving the need for change and be equipped with skills needed for them to design and lead successful change in the organization. ​​​​​

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