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Strategic Communication Certificate


This certificate provides an overview of strategic communication skills and requirements in traditional media, social media, as well as corporate sector institutions. The courses address topics that range from interpersonal communication skills, public speaking, public relations, campaigning, image production, branding, in addition to variety of advertising and marketing techniques. The certificate aims to boost the participants’ capabilities in terms of constructing, packaging, promoting and selling ideas in competitive marketplaces.​​

Course Description

  • CSTC 201 Public Relations

This course presents a comprehensive conceptual framework of the field and profession of public relations. Emerging issues, such as technology, ethics, and the international aspects of public relations are considered through examining PR strategies, tactics, and case studies.

  • CSTC 202 Communication Campaigns

This course introduces core concepts in social and political communication and their forms of application. The course examines how states, non-state actors and media outlets produce and promote social and political messages through various marketing and advertising techniques and how these messages impact the public’s priorities and preferences.

  • CSTC 203 Corporate Identity and Branding

This course introduces core concepts and practices pertaining to corporate identity, branding and image management. It examines the impact of image construction and equity building on the recipients’ assessment of messages and their communicators. Students will learn how to render their messages more recognizable in a marketplace in order to enhance the public’s trust in the products or services they provide.

  • CSTC 204 Interpersonal Communication 

This course is meant to improve the students’ understanding of their interpersonal communication behaviors in order to enhance their communication skills and capabilities. The course also introduces public speaking and speech writing in addition to adequate forms of engagement with press interviews and media appearances. Students will learn the basic skills for writing speeches and delivering them effectively to different live and online audiences through visuals and slides shows.​​

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