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What is Gender Lens Investing? 
Gender Lens Investing (GLI) is an approach to investing that ​targets and improves investment processes and structures in order to advance women’s inclusion in the MENA workforce (CIBL 2021).

What is CIBL’s approach to Gender Lens Investing? 

> Check out the following readings for a more in-depth understanding of GLI and how to improve it in the MENA region.

The following documents, compiled by the SAWI ​GLI team, and used in our research, include articles from peer reviewed international journals, reports, and case studies by governmental, intergovernmental, and nongovernmental agencies, working papers, books, theses, webpages, and articles. We strongly encourage you to pursue them should you wish to learn more about Gender Lens Investing

The documents are organized as follows: 

> Journal Articles
> Books and Book Chapters
> Reports
> ​Working Papers
> ​Theses
> ​Webpages and Online Articles
> Case Studies 

This repository collects global and regional data from 2000 till date in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of GLI with the goal of contextualizing data and strategies for the region. Each link below will take you to a reference page corresponding to the selected category. From there you can browse the various sources, and select those you wish to further pursue through the available links. ​

For any contributions, you can contact Dr. Wassim Dbouk.



GENERAL DISCLAIMER: The materials related to the Gender Lens Investing Initiative are intended to assist investors, capital providers, employers, and executives as they strive to improves investment processes and structures in order to advance women's inclusion in the workforce. The information provided by the GLI team, and partners must be understood as a tool for adopting a gender lens in investment decisions, rather than legal obligations, which are defined by statute, regulations, and standards of their local industry standards, and national legislative landscape. Likewise, to the extent that this information references practices or procedures that may initiate and advance GLI implementation for employers, investors, and women-owned businesses, but which are not required by a statute, regulation, or standard, it cannot, and does not, create additional legal obligations. Finally, over time, regulators may modify rules and interpretations in light of new technology, information, or circumstances; to keep apprised of such developments, or to review information on a wide range of GLI and inclusive HR topics. All information, toolkits, templates, and other related material under the GLI initiative is provided therefore as a free of charge  guide, and is, therefore "as is" without warranty of any kind of risk."

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