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How to be a Green AUBite

​This guide has been created to provide students, staff and faculty with some easy sustainability tips that can be implemented on and off campus. These actions will complement the efforts undertaken by admin¬istration and will help showcase AUB as an academic institution dedicated to being a model for environmental stewardship.
In this guide, you will see examples of specific accomplishments in campus sustainability, and things you can do to deepen their impacts.

The guide includes eco-friendly tips related to:
• Food;
• Transportation; ​
• Waste;
• Water;
• Energy;
• Purchasing;
• Other sustainable practices.

It provides insights to help you make small changes in your daily habits that have a big impact on the environment. For example, instead of buying plastic water bottles, you can fill a reusable bottle and help save incredible amounts of oil and energy. Eat organic, local and less meat and try to take only what you can eat. Walk as much as you can, use a bike, carpool and use public transportation whenever feasible. Reduce, reuse, recycle and buy second-hand. Save water and energy and think carefully when shopping. Consider your needs and items’ reusability, eco-friendliness and fate. Be proactive and be part of the solution.

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