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​​​​The Digital Media Unit l Office of Communications is responsible for the day-to-day management of the website and social media in accordance with AUB and AUBMC policies and procedures, design and content guidelines adopted by the Website Committee. The Unit has the right to remove any outdated information or any information that violates university policies and procedures. The Unit reserves the right to refuse or to remove links from the website that do not comply with the mission of the University or AUB and AUBMC policies and procedures.

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Quick Links

To promote your events, announcements and news:

  • To help you promote your events and announcements; kindly contact us with your requests for AUB and AUBMC's social media outlets and AUB and AUBMC's event​s websites.
  • To help you launch a successful social media campaign along with paid ads, kindly contact us.
  • To submit an event/announcement, kindly fill in the ​online form.
  • You can also use the 17​ digital screens installed on major building entrances on campus and medical center, email us your request with the poster of the event resized to exactly:
  • For help in editing videos and/or uploading on AUB or AUBMC's YouTube channel please email us.​
Please note that not all announcements can be posted due to posting limits and priorities of events, news and announcements.


Make sure to only use ​Creative Commons images/videos or images/videos labeled for use. Citing the source of the image/video is not enough, you need to get written permission from owner of image/video or buy a license before uploading it to the website.

You can buy licenses to images/videos​ from such websites: 

For help with websites:

  • V​iew the web templates here
  • The Office of Communications approves all new website before going live in terms of content, structure and design and has the capacity to request edits on all departmental websites. You can also book training on the website and on social media by emailing us.
  • ​​​Always upload images which are below 200 KB and which conform with the set width and height in pixels​. Uploading huge images will make your website slow and unresponsive. Try optimizing the size of your images first here: https://tin​​. Make sure to optimize image for ​accessibility too.
  • ​Golden rules when using the Content Management System (CMS) SharePoint:

    • ​To preserve the CSS style of the  default web templates do not copy and paste from Microsoft Word or any other similar source. Always copy and paste using Notepad. 
    • When saving a new web page do not ​​use spaces or special characters in the file name. All filenames should be short and straightforward. File names are case sensitive, best practice is to use lowercase when naming your file.
    • Do not publish pictures and new websites on your own. Contact us for picture and design requests.
    • Use proper English and keep the content short and easy to read. Make sure to follow AUB's Style Sheet. If you need assistance do not hesitate to contact us. 
    • Links to documents should open in a new window (remove
    • Links to websites within AUB and AUBMC should open in the same window (remove​.
    • Links to websites outside AUB and AUBMC ​should open in a new window.
    • Use the Enter key to start a new paragraph.
    • Use the Shift+Enter keys to start a new line within the same paragraph.
    • Always click Check In to save and share draft.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips:

  • Edit SEO properties on each page on your website on CMS to include keywords and descriptions
  • Maintain fresh, up to date and brief content on your website
  • Ask external credible and related websites to link to your website
  • Link to credible websites from your own website (quality rather than quantity)
  • When using links, use the full name of the link instead of “Click here”
  • Use meaningful keywords and cluster your web pages to have specific keywords
  • Add a description to each page and to each image and document you upload
  • Add the word “image” or “picture” in the image ALT tag
  • URL should be search friendly with keywords in the URL itself
  • Consider using social media, as well a social component on the website

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For various questions, please try contacting us via social media first!
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Privacy Statement

We take data privacy seriously and adhere to all applicable data privacy laws and regulations.
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Copyright and Disclaimer

Written permission is needed to copy or disseminate all or part of the materials on the AUB website.
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Title IX, Non-Discrimination, and Anti-Discriminatory Harassment

AUB is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment to all members of its community.
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