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The different versions of the AUB logo used since the University's establishment have incorporated deeply rooted and visually iconic elements widely associated with the University. The redesigned logo makes an effort to preserve these elements, and in some ways to reinforce them, while modernizing other areas to reflect the University's contemporary look. One such element is the wax seal, which has been in use since the early 1900s. The logo has evolved from the crafted wax seal of those early times to the current digital version, while preserving its iconic elements, including the wax contour, the cedar tree, Arabic calligraphy and the official colors (black, red and green).


The AUB logo constitutes the main element of the University’s visual identity system.
There are two versions of the logo. The full version of the logo includes the name of the University spelled out in both English and Arabic at the bottom. The concise version consists of the seal, the tree and the acronym only.
The full version of the AUB logo must be used for official Univ​ersity stationery as well as on both the internal and external websites. Examples of the stationery are included in the Stationery section of this website.
The concise version of the logo may appear on mediums such as brochures, leaflets, banners, posters, and on merchandise items including shirts, uniforms, and promotional items. It is also available for digital use such as digital presentations.
The logo, either the full or the concise version, must be used on all official AUB communications in accordance with some basic guidelines explained on the following web pages.

General Guidelines

  • Modifications to the AUB logo are not permitted.
  • Rearranging the various elements of the AUB logo is not allowed.
  • The alignment of any element of the AUB logo must not be changed.
  • The AUB logo must not be tilted or rotated.
  • The AUB logo may appear in its specified color, in black, or in white. Other colors must not be used.
  • The graphic part of the logo, the seal and the tree, may be used as design elements. The color restrictions mentioned above do not apply in such cases. The elements may appear in colors other than their original colors, black or white. As seen in the Stationery section, the back of the official business card is an example of such use.

AUB Logo: full version

AUB Logo: concise version​

Current logo of 2011​

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