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​“American University of Beirut,” “AUB,” ​“American University of Beirut Medical Center,” and “AUBMC,” the official logos and the seal all are trademarks of AUB (collectively, "AUB trademarks"). AUB has the exclusive legal right to use these trademarks for educational services and related activities. AUB's trademark rights are affected by the manner in which these trademarks are used. For example, if AUB fails to use consistent versions of its trademarks or permits non-AUB entities or persons to use the trademarks for various services without any conditions governing that use, it could lose its rights in the AUB trademarks. This section explains certain practices essential to preserving AUB's trademark rights.

Present a Consistent Version of the AUB Trademarks

A trademark is meant to help the public identify and distinguish one entity's goods or services from those of another. As such, it must have a consistent appearance, or it ceases to perform that function. If a trademark owner changes the appearance of its trademark, it may lose its right to that trademark. Sometimes, even a very slight change constitutes a break in consistency and can lead to an abandonment of trademark rights. For these reasons, the guidelines in this document not only ensure aesthetic consistency and coherency, but they also protect AUB's trademark rights.

Use the AUB Trademarks in Connection with Services

To ensure that the AUB trademarks are used in a manner that guarantees the continuity of trademark rights, they should appear on all materials distributed in connection with AUB's educational services, publishing activities, and fund-raising activities. Examples include pamphlets, books, program brochures, seminar posters, registration forms, or other informational materials. AUB's trademark rights are not supported by using the AUB trademarks on stationery, note cards or business cards, because these materials are used mainly for business purposes, rather than to offer services to the public.

Use “American University of Beirut” and “AUB” as Trademarks

“American University of Beirut,” "AUB," "American University of Beirut Medical Center," and "AUBMC,"​ can function either as the business name for the University or as one of its trademarks. When you use either to refer to the University, it operates as a business name. When you use either in connection with the services that the University provides, it operates as a trademark provided it is used in a proper trademark manner. Using the phrase or acronym in a proper trademark manner, where appropriate, will strengthen the University's rights to these trademarks.

Those Outside the University May Use the AUB Trademarks Only With Written Permission

No person or entity outside the University is permitted to use the AUB trademarks in any manner without a written license from AUB to do so. The University must ensure that such licensees comply with the guidelines specified in this manual and must review the use of the trademark before any material is made available to the public.  Strict control over this process is necessary for several reasons:
i. Granting another party permission to use AUB’s trademarks without overseeing such use can result in the abandonment of trademark rights
ii. Given that third party use of AUB trademarks is conditional upon AUB's endorsement, AUB needs to protect these trademarks from being used in a manner that is incompatible with its mission.

To request permission for third party use of the AUB trademarks and to receive an official electronic version of the logo contact the Office of Communications via email at Please make sure to mention what the requested AUB trademarks would be used for. 

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