Primary Typeface for Printed Materials

Meta is the principle typeface used in AUB wordmarks, stationery and various forms of communications. It is a highly legible and space-saving font. The 54 variations of Meta that AUB adopted offer a range of weights and widths, from hairline thin to ultra bold black, in order to meet different demands deriving from different media.





AXtManal is the principle typeface for Arabic text in official University documents such as contracts, diplomas and official letterheads. It is a clear, well structured Arabic typeface and works well with other foreign fonts. For other types of communications such as brochures, booklets, and posters, TheMixArab is the primary typeface.




Substitute Typeface for Printed Materials


Calibri is the primary substitute font used in the absence of the FF Meta san sarif. Its clean shapes and letter fit make it a comfortably read typeface. The substitute font for the serif typeface is Palatino. Both substitute fonts are widely included in word processing systems.


GESS Two is the substitute typeface for TheMixArab.



Typeface for Web

Verdana is the primary font used for the AUB web. Designed for digital use, Verdana is a good fit for a wide range of media and can be read clearly on a computer screen. Verdana is included in most word processing systems. However, if not available, Arial is recommended as the substitute font for web use.



Primary Typeface for Athletic Uniforms​

TheSerif Plain is the principle typeface for athletic applications such as official team uniforms. This bold pronounced typeface ensures its visibility in highly active environments.