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The new AUB logo

The AUB logo has traditionally carried deeply rooted and visually iconic elements that are widely associated with the University. The redesigned logo makes an effort to preserve these iconic elements, and in some ways to reinforce them, while modernizing other elements of the logo to reflect the University’s contemporary look.

The overall shape of the logo is less elongated, and more squarely and robustly built. The inside proportions are intended to reduce visual fragmentation and present the logo in a more organic and continuous fashion, namely between the type (initials, Latin, and Arabic) and the visual elements. The AUB initials are tightly connected to the bottom line of the cedar tree, which symbolizes the historical roots of the institution.

The Rising Sun Concept
The emblem now features less clutter, focusing on the iconic cedar tree, the historical wax seal contour and the date of the institution’s founding. The authentic, rugged part of the wax contour has been refined into a semi- ring representing a rising sun. All text has been removed from the inside emblem except for the founding year which now sits on top in a more settled, prominent fashion.

Cedar Tree
The AUB logo’s cedar tree has been iconic to the AUB community. The new logo preserves the general shape while adding a few refinements (lines, edges and proportions to improve balance) and extending the root to signify the deep root concept while appearing more confident.

Arabic Calligraphy
The Arabic calligraphy in the AUB logo is another iconic aspect of the University’s identity and history. The new version, proposed by a professional calligrapher, maintains the Thuluth font used in the original logo, while studying the space to confine it into a more defined block area, and with less vertical space to make it more compatible with the more streamlined logo. Furthermore, this style of calligraphy blends well with its Latin serif counterpart.

Typography- The AUB Initials
The typographical choice also makes an effort to preserve the visual spirit of the previous logo while simultaneously offering a more modern look and a more versatile font that illustrates better the name of the University. The MetaSerif Pro font has been selected to replace Century Old Style. This font features a stronger presence and studied character spaces with fluid, yet neater curves.

Typography- Title
The new logo spreads the name of the University over a single line for better visual accessibility and neater look. The use of the new proposed font enhances the spaces and gives a more solid aspect to the type.

The logo colors have also been preserved with minor enhancements. A deeper evergreen color has been used for the cedar tree and the original red of the seal contour remains.



AUB Logo: full version



AUB Logo: concise version

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