​The Photography Department traces its roots back to the 1930s when AUB established a Medical Photography Department to handle clinical photography (patients and gross pathology) for the hospital and medical school. Although it initially worked only for the medical school, over the years the Medical Photography Department broadened its scope and took on projects for other university departments and faculties as well.

AUB’s Medical Photography Department has been a pioneer in the field of photography in Lebanon introducing equipment such as the optical bench and techniques such as photomicrography, the development of color film, and the production of teaching slides. The Photography Department has also played a critically important role in restoring, digitizing, and archiving valuable photographic images such as Dr. Franklin T. Moore’s collection of photographic glass negatives, which AUB published in 2006 entitled "The Moore Collection, Franklin T. Moore Photographs (1892-1902)."

In 2009, the Photography Department was merged with the Office of Communications. In addition to maintaining a central database of searchable photographs and video footage, the unit provides AUB with professional photography, videography, medical imaging, slide processing, and image restoration services.​