​​​​​​​​​​​​​University Travel policies can be found at this l​ink​​

University personnel are reimbursed for the costs of travel outside Lebanon for university business according to the policies and procedures established by the university. Personal expenses, however, are not reimbursable under this policy.

A Request and Authorization for Official University Travel form (RAOUT) has to be filled. All travel requests should be approved in advance by the head of the department. The request should be sent to the Comptroller's Office at least three weeks before the date of departure.

Reimbursement of expenses for authorized travel is made in accordance with the maximum daily allowances as published below:

All employees are required to submit receipts justifying all reimbursements.

For travel within Lebanon, the same procedure mentioned above is to be followed where accommodation is needed.

Business Travel Expense Report​ is to be attached with the online request for travel expenses reimbursement. The desired currency of the cash advance or expense reimbursement (travel or non-travel related) can be specified upon filling the online expense report.​