Youssef Chahine's Acceptance Speech

‚ÄčJune 30, 2007

Youssef Chahine (on screen):

I have two problems with which you have to bear:

1- I stutter

2- My writing is so bad that I can hardly read it myself, so I ask my nephew to print it, and even then with my glasses on I see double. I am not quite sure what I am reading.

I did a film called Chaos. Just look around you and you'll know why I chose this timing to do the film.

Of course, the authorities in Egypt may ban it; they may even put me in jail. As a matter of fact, they may put you in jail because now the AUB by honoring me at this time is involved in the film. So maybe they'll take all of the teachers, deans, and even you, Mr. President; they may put you in jail with me.

Every time I was in trouble in Egypt which is pretty often and the authorities were angry at the work I did or what I spoke about in the press, the only place I could run to was Lebanon. Lebanon has already embraced me once a few years back; they immediately gave me work. There is no kinder people than the Lebanese to which I belong. I hope to be able to come back to Lebanon and live with all these people whom I love very much in peace because they need peace and I need peace.