Chairperson's Speech - President John Waterbury

‚ÄčChairperson Thomas Morris's speech
introducing President John Waterbury 

June 28, 2008
It was great to find someone who was an academic who was recognized worldwide, with fundraising skills, and administrative leadership.

Everybody knows that the academic standing of this university has improved tremendously. And that's not by our own recognition, but it is attested by the fact that we have been attracting excellent faculty from all over the world, and by the fact that accreditation bodies have been recognizing our faculties, and by the fact that we have improved our financial aid program, our facilities, and infrastructure.

Moreover, during his term, Waterbury succeeded in accomplishing an extraordinary development campaign not achieved anywhere in the region.

While doing all this, he also maintained the University's ethos of upholding freedom of exchange of ideas and expression and promoting tolerance among people.

So on behalf of the BOT, I am pleased to include you among this year's recipients.