Message from the DTSSP Committee Chair

Fuad N. Ziyadeh.JPGWelcome to the official website of The Diana Tamari Sabbagh Scholars Program (DTSSP). My fellow members and I on the DTSSP committee are pleased to serve in this program which aims to promote excellence by enhancing the education and/or expertise of healthcare professionals through specialized training and exchange programs at AUB or abroad.

The Scholars program reflects the mission of the Diana Tamari Sabbagh Foundation, which has supported health initiatives at AUB for decades, and is represented on the committee by Dr. Joseph W. Tamari. The DTSSP Committee is constituted within the patronage of AUB President, Dr. Fadlo R. Khuri.

Please visit this website to acquaint yourselves with the details of the available awarding opportunities. The entire application process is through this site. For any additional information or more specific inquiries, please visit our "contact us" page.

We are committed to following due process in evaluating the applications based on scientific criteria and fair judgment. To paraphrase AUB's motto, our specific mission through this committee is to promote excellence in scholarly life more abundantly.

 Fuad Ziyadeh, MD