Previous Awardees

​​​Advanced Fellowship Award (AFA​)

  • 2018: Christina Bergqvist, MD (Dermatology; Paris, France)
  • 2016: Randa Akel, MD (Dermatology; London, UK)

Career Development Award (CDA)

  • 2018​: Rami Mhanna, PhD (Assistant Prof; Biomedical Engineering at AUB) ​ 

 Visit Awards (VA)

  • Visiting Professor Award (VPA)
    • 2018: ​ Dr. James Hartsfield (U. of Kentuc​ky, USA);​ Div. of Orthodontics
                  ​Dr. Giselle Sholler, (Concordia U., Montreal, Quebec), AUBMC CCCL
    • 2017:  Dr. Vicente Hernandez (Valencia Un. Spain); AUBMC Division Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
    • 2016:  Dr. Lilyan Masaad (Paris Un. France); Dept. Anatomy/Cell Biology/Physiol

  • Training
    • 2017: Marlene Chakhtoura(Jun Faculty)
                  Sahar Koubar (Jun Faculty)
    • 2016: Marlene Chakhtoura (Jun Faculty​)

  • International meeting presentation
    • 2017: Anthony Macari (Jun Faculty)
      ​           Sari Rasheed (Jun Faculty) 

​Student Awards (SA)

  • ​Medical Student Elective Award
    • 2018: Christopher Maroun (Med Student)
                 Fadi Saadeh (Med Student)
    • 2017: Salim Gebran (Med Student)
                  Khalil Shoucair (Med Student)
    • 2016: Savo Bou Zeineddine (Med Student)​
                 Rayan Ghusayni (Med Student)

​​Special Consideration Awards (SPA)

  • 2018: Hind Zahr (Biology, AUB)  
  • 2017: Fadi Saadeh (Med Student)

Prior Awards from the DTS Scholarship Fund (Fellowship Award) ​​

  • 2013-2015: Dr. Mira Merashli was supported for advanced fellowship training at the Mile End Hospital and Royal London Hospital (parts of Barts Health NHS Trust). The fellowship included training at the Behcet’s Center of Excellence, one of the biggest centers for Behcet’s disease. She was appointed in September 2016 Instructor of Clinical Medicine, subspecialty Rheumatology, in the Department of Internal Medicine.