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Emergency Preparedness
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Like any institution, AUB is subject to natural and man-made risks; accordingly, the University adheres to the highest standards for prevention and response. Related policies and procedures are administered by an emergency preparedness team of staff with broad representation from areas of operation within the university. The team is assembled to mitigate risk, to react and respond to real or potential emergencies, and to ensure that the campus community can make informed decisions about personal safety.
We are aware that there may be circumstances where external events could affect the quality of life and safety on our campus. Accordingly, AUB continuously monitors events in Lebanon and around the region. We are prepared to communicate immediately with our students, faculty, and staff should any situation arise that would compromise the normal operations of the university or security of our community or campus.

Here are some easy tips everyone at AUB should follow to protect personal safety and security.

  • Remain vigilant; avoid areas of active or frequent conflict 
  • Carry your AUB ID card, your residency permit (if you are international) and other identification
  • Key into your smartphone emergency telephone numbers including the Office of Protection (+​961​70099022​)
  • Read the advisory notices of various fo​reign ​governments – not just your own
  • Be sure to avail yourself of all AUB communications – particularly its social media and SMS channels
  • Follow local and regional developments in the news
  • Please familiarize yourself with this site and check back frequently for additional information

Call local police at 112 if you are in immediate danger on- or off-the AUB campus.

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