‚ÄčThere are many reputable media outlets in Lebanon that publish or broadcast in Arabic, English and French (and some other languages) to help you stay current with local, national, regional and international news. We recommend you follow local and regional news daily from several sources to acquire a broad view and interpretation of events. 

In addition to print, Internet, and broadcast news, most of these outlets post headlines and breaking news via Twitter and RSS feeds, and several offer mobile applications that you can download to your smartphone to receive immediate news updates. Again, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with, and follow, multiple media sources.

If you are contacted by media for an interview, remember that your comments reflect your personal opinion only. Your comments do not reflect the opinion or position of the university and you may not speak on behalf of AUB without specific authorization. If you have been contacted by media and have questions or need to refer a journalist to AUB for official comment or information, please contact the Communications Office at 01 350000 #2670.