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​​​​​​In light of the prevailing shortage and price hikes in fuel, the university has formed a Transportation Taskforce to propose solutions to mitigate this problem for its workforce. 
The below options are now available for transportation to and from campus.

Please check this page regularly for updates and new services​.


Bus Service Dedicated to AUB/​AUBMC Staff

  • The same bus service currently dedicated to AUBMC staff is now available to ALL AUB staff. The bus is not available yet to faculty and students.
  • Staff who commit to use this service for a period of time will NOT get their transportation allowance during this period. 
  • Information on this bus service, incl​uding current routes and mode of operation can be found here. To enroll in this service, please fill o​ut thi​s form.

Hadeer bus

  • It​ is an on demand bus that is currently running between Batroun and Beirut (AUB campus – sea side).
  • Modern buses​, equipped with Wi-Fi, and have high standards in terms of hygiene, comfort, and safety.
  • Reservation through Whatsapp (71 851 683). 
  • For more information on Hadeer, on the fares and on the reservation process please check here.
  • For information on the routes and major stops, please check here​.​

Connexion bus

  • On demand bus between Tripoli and Beirut​. Needs to be reserved in advance. 
  • For more information check their Facebook page​.​


Carpooling using cars of AUB members

  • AUB members can self-organize into carpooling arrangements using their own cars, based on their areas of residence, routes to and from AUB, and their work schedules. 

Ridesharing using a dedicated taxi for AUB members (Allo Taxi, Uber)

  • D​oor-to-door service​. A ​taxi would pick up AUB members who live in proximity to each other (in Beirut) or who are along the same route to AUB and have similar schedules. 
  • For information on Allo Taxi service check here. For Uber service check h​​ere.

Fill out the related on​line form to enroll in ridesharing services and indicate your area of residence, schedules, and interest​ in one or both ridesharing options. Based on this database, AUB members would then be able to self-organize into ridesharing groups .​​

How does this work? Check instructions for Staff and Faculty and Students.

Public Transportation

Check out the map and platform for public transportation lines in Lebanon, developed by the Bus Map Project: 

Printed map for Greater Beirut:
Note: S​ome of the information (e.g. on bus fares or routes) may not be completely up to date.



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