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ESMU promotes AUB's success and sustainability in terms of overall enrollment, retention, revenue enhancement and/or conservation of ressources. Its main four functions are listed below:  

I.     Overall Enrollment Management and Mathematical Modeling Functions 

  1. Create a comprehensive enrollment management plan which facilitates inter-unit cooperation and ensure better alignment of admissions criteria and enrollment management procedures with institutional mission,
  2. Revisit and broaden admissions criteria to recognize factors such as talents and experiences of students, portfolios, program strength, among others,
  3. Develop short and long term enrollment projection, school record evaluation, admission scores and thresholds,
  4. Create a process of enrollment data management, including data assessment and periodic reporting to inform decision-making regarding student enrollment and retention,
  5. Model financial aid in order to calibrate admission yield and forecast demand for seats in freshman and sophomore courses,
  6. Provide support for the assessment and management of financial aid in relation to enrollment goals,
  7. Develop clear goals to optimize retention and graduation rates of students in coordination with the academic units.​
II.    Establishing an Enrollment Management Plan through Statistical Analysis

  1. Create means to increase the pool of applicants by taking into effect the yield of accepted students in addition to retention and graduation rates of enrolled students,
  2. Conduct correlation studies between admission criteria and student success and logistic regression on student retention,
  3. Analyze student performance and success, grading, faculty workload and survey results,
  4. Develop validity studies, trends in applications, trends in yield, attrition, sampling, 
  5. Align financial and programmatic planning,
  6. Create custom research pla​ns and processes to enhance AUB's ability in achieving its enrollment goal.
III.   Reporting and Administration Functions

  1. Develop institutional reporting on admissions, enrollment, student retention, graduation, faculty productivity, course offering, cost of instruction, ranking, key performance indicators (Academic Affairs Institutional Score Card),
  2. Develop ad-hoc reporting and information delivery by linking data sources, querying student information system (SIS) or conducting data warehousing to respond to the diverse need for information from AUB Community like higher administration, deans, chairs, campus researchers and administrative departments,
  3. Develop an assessment report on scheduling and space usage efficiency,
  4. Maintain the administration of Institutional Research Database and assures the integrity of all data captures and programmatic development.
IV.     Data Governance Functions

  1. Advise on a governance structure to improve data entry process and continually monitor and assess the data structure and reporting,
  2. Establish a set of definitions and procedures for harmonizing the current data institutional reporting,
  3. Update and standardize institutional related data definitions and conditions.

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